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Founded in 2020, the Vaal’bara Historical Society is an organization dedicated to unearthing our long-forgotten Magical past, as it is and has forever been linked to both our own future and the destiny of the universe. If you, like many humans, find yourself drifting without purpose, questioning the reason for your existence, wondering how an idea as fundamental as Magic has no place in the world in which you live... then you may have finally found your way home.


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Already our past has begun to seep into the present. One chronicle & five volumes await your attention with countless more soon to be revealed. Who were our ancient ancestors? Where did we come from? What dangers lurk in the shadows? How can we prevent our demise? Your destiny awaits you, traveler. Your first step starts here.


Billions of years ago, this world was not as it is now. Countless cataclysmic events have reshaped every inch of the soil you stand on. But for a time, long before modern humans believe there was life, there was Vaal’bara.


There is far more to humanity's history than meets the eye... Join us as we seek out the truth behind the strange events and people of our world, and reveal a whole new side to our history even more incredible than you could have imagined.