For those searching for the truth, look no further; you have found what you seek. For those looking for a fantastic story, set in a rich, continually-growing world, the Vaal’bara Historical Society series is an amalgamation of fantasy genres, with dark themes regarding death and demonic magic, but also a unique sense of humor that pervades the series. Time travel, technology, and alternate timelines intermingle with traditional fantasy elements, such as a unique magic system and mythical creatures. There are complex heroes and villains who often question their own values and morals when facing world-changing events, but also several offbeat and unusual characters who bring some humor and light to otherwise grim circumstances. What starts with a fleeting glimpse into a child’s tragic accident, rapidly grows into a universe-encompassing, mind-bending journey toward what lies beyond the stars.

As you take time to read these volumes, sit back, relax, and feel your mind separate from the burdens of modern society. Part ways with what you have been told to believe, & prepare to delve into a world of forgotten history & factual Magic.

The six Vaal'bara Historical Society novels are currently unavailable as we prepare them for re-release.

We have decided to create improved digital versions of our books for free on our website, in addition to maintaining that standard for our future volumes as well. When we return, you can expect new artwork, new revelations, and new insights throughout each story!

For those of you more attuned to a tactile experience, do not fret - we will continue to create printed books in paperback and hardcover versions for those who enjoy paper and ink.

For more information on this decision, please see our News page.



Laurence P. Cromwell was once like many of us, navigating his life without direction or purpose. Through desperation, or perhaps a series of strange childhood occurrences, he became obsessed with the notion of true Magic. Scouring countless shelves, he searched for that one old tome or relic which might reveal itself to be something more, something Magical. He knew in his heart he was destined for great things, if only he could make that first, crucial discovery. But as Laurence - and two others who would share a similar fate - would soon find out, not all Magical objects exist to be used, to be possessed - and some are better off left where they were buried long, long ago…

Beginning on our planet, in the prosaic time period known as present day, the Vaal’bara Historical Society series methodically tells the story of a group of unsuspecting heroes as they gain the courage and experience necessary to traverse billions of years, multiple worlds, and countless twisting timelines to discover the truth of humanity’s Magical past, as well as the monstrous destiny awaiting not only our race but that of the universe. Will they succeed in restoring Magic to its prior state before time runs out, or will the forces of darkness prove too powerful, too tempting, even for them?

Prepare to pull back the vale, revealing a world of dark Magic and demons, of a battle that goes beyond good and evil, where heroes and villains clash not only with each other, but with their own precarious trajectories and inner turmoil. But beware, dear reader, as you take these first steps of your own journey, remember this: nothing is ever quite as it seems…

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What does it mean to be human? Is it the exhale of a breath, the beat of a pulse? Is it the intent behind your choices, the perception of one's self? At what point does a human cease to be? When they part ways with their body? When they consume the life of another? When they forsake those they once loved?

Our heroes have been thrust into a scenario worse than the darkest of dreams - one where the forces of evil have become all-knowing, all-powerful, godlike in every way. Mor'dresh has claimed the life of Jack and Jill's only ally, Wenton. His assistant, Renault, has been murdered by a mysterious stranger. A force of darkness calls from the shadows, seeking to violate our world. Jill has barely managed to walk the knife edge keeping her from undeath and demonhood. Worst of all, Jack has seemingly lost his ability to defy the will of Mor'dresh, and has disappeared through an unstable portal to another world. Jill and Laurence, bereft of other options, have chased after, but their destination may very well prove different from his, far from his. Is there anything left to hope for, to fight for? Or has evil already stripped humanity of everything it once was?
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Why do humans fear the dark? Is it the loss of vision that creates terror, transforming us into helpless beings, incapable of defending ourselves? Or is there something familiar in that featureless void, something from our past that we'd rather leave forgotten? What does a person do when they discover that their worst fear is real? What happens when they are forced to face such an inexhaustible, overwhelming opposition that they find themself left with no options other than to submit to its omnipotent control, to plead for mercy as it swallows them whole?

Laurence has been left in such a void, bereft of his senses, defeated by a great evil. Everything he had hoped to achieve has failed, and now he must come to terms with what has taken place. Vael'ehn, one of the greatest terrors the world has ever known, has reclaimed Mor'dresh for his own. After slaying many innocent lives, it has completed its transformation into the horrific nightmare it was seemingly destined to become. Jack, the hero who once stood against its will, has been murdered. Vael'ehn is free to roam where he may, systematically destroying all who stand against him, harvesting everything our world offers in order to power his own presumably insane machinations. Will Laurence find a light to guide his way through this foreseeably eternal reign of darkness? Or will he accept his fate and fall into oblivion, knowing it was he who aided in driving history toward an apocalyptic outcome?
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Why is time such a relentless force in the lives of humans? Is it simply because of our mortality - the knowledge that we are marching, day by day, to our inevitable deaths? Or is it the notion that time is unyielding, unchangeable, impervious to our greatest wishes, to our most debilitating regrets? Some might say time is a tool, capable of correcting, useful for guiding. But how can that be true when tragedy seems just as likely as triumph?

Laurence came face to face with such a truth after manipulating time in an effort to bring about a change in the terrible events he had just suffered through. But a choice which once appeared likely to achieve everything he hoped for, also ended up creating pain and terrible loss. Our heroes have managed to forge a few small victories: Ahso'lar has been found, and Cindee's wand has had its true identity revealed. Even Mor'dresh has shown signs of restoration after Jack's sacrifice, summoning the strength to repel the influence of Vael’ehn himself. Now, with Vael'ehn on the run, his mind in tatters after the loss of his daughter, the Retrograde army defeated, and a demonic invasion seemingly neutralized, it might be tempting to declare the war over. But was the crushing loss of four heroes worth it? Will Vael'ehn restore his demonic daughter, or will the heroes persuade Toriash'ahn and the Grand Magus to take action before it is too late? Will Laurence find a way to redeem himself after committing several unthinkable atrocities? Or will he fall further into darkness, allowing the shadows growing inside him to consume his soul?
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What would it take for a hero to accept defeat and walk away from their mission? When their enemy reveals that they consider their own race altogether expendable? When everything their allies have done, everything they have sacrificed, has resulted in nothing but an identical outcome? When they learn that their accomplishments mean nothing when compared to the destiny of the universe?

Our heroes have continued to forge ahead in their crusade. All Weapons of Legend have been found, Kaldre'shen has been restored, and Mor'dresh destroyed. Vael'ehn has been defeated, seemingly turning from his destructive path with his last breath, and the demons have been sent fleeing through time in a desperate effort to regroup. But Latahr'ia and Walther are dead, Jillian's seemingly inevitable conversion has taken place, and Dreyl'vyn has left at the behest of Roth'Roh'Kah himself. Even with the resurrection of Dael'yan and Archaeus, the recruitment of another version of Jack and Jill, and multiple duplicates of Laurence, the heroes could not summon enough strength to prevent demons from fleeing what they expected to become a final confrontation at Argleton. Where have the demons gone, and what will become of humanity if they decide to assault our defenseless masses instead? Laurence witnessed a future with no signs of demonic threat, but one which remained unchanged from what it had been before. Has he learned that the heroes are destined to sacrifice everything in an effort to prevent the demonic invasion, that humans have no choice but to live out their lives ignorant and bereft of Magic? Or does an undisclosed outcome lie ahead, a future with possibilities never having been dreamt of before?
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A Vaal'bara Historical Society Chronicle

From the group who founded the Vaal’bara Historical Society, Ten Years of Darkness takes place in an unsettling time before many events transpired, yet is simultaneously affected by their outcome. It follows characters both new and familiar, bringing as yet untold details to light while also exploring others from a unique perspective. Those seeking to learn the true mission of the Society may very well choose to start here, while other heroes who have already traveled the timeways at their side will find many clues to further their journey as they look toward the future.


Kristen Chambers was just an average girl.

Kristen tossed her pencil down. “Great, now they’ll think this is another angsty teenage vampire novel.”

She rose and left the room, returning shortly thereafter with a blackened, crooked quill pen. Silently she cradled it in her hands for a moment before sitting down. In truth, she hated to use it. Its nib was distorted, and it left splotches of oily black on whatever it touched. But her hesitation went beyond the physical, bringing forth a sense of regret and guilt. Yet she knew the quill remained a part of her, even after its power had long been expended.

Pressing the instrument to the page, she started again.

Laurence, by his own admission, was a failure. An aspiring magician by trade, he had spent his days attempting to recreate something he knew in his heart must exist, but for some reason did not. His life was miserable, and he knew he would never amount to anything. In that regard, Kristen and Laurence had something in common, even though they had never met - or so they thought. Together, they both stood on the face of a coin, forever tumbling through time, unable to gain their bearings, always ignorant of what existed on the other side.

However, after the appearance of a dangerous stranger, their lives began to change, and many things that once seemed impossible, quite suddenly became all too real. Before long, powerful artifacts were being hunted down, demons had clashed with plague-bearing bats, and the remnants of races long since buried had crawled up to the surface. Their lives had taken a turn in a direction neither could have predicted, and one they were certainly not prepared for.

With potential horrors looming on the horizon, and access to Magical resources having been intentionally obstructed, many questions still remain: Have they chosen to support the right factions? Are their goals worth more than those they are fighting against? And worst of all, have they gone through this entire process before?

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