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I entered my email, and nothing happens.

Most likely, you are using Firefox, and your security options are causing the submission form issues. We recommend clicking the shield icon to the left of the address bar, and adjusting your security for our site. VHS will never sell or share your email.

How did you create this website?

This website was created using BeTheme, a plug-in for Wordpress. The maps were created using Inkarnate.

Does the fountain on the homepage actually exist?

It does! The Passageway in Omaha is a place people can visit. However, they have since installed a gate due to some curious visitors chanting near its rear wall.

Is your artwork designed by Ai?

No, we have never used Ai to design anything. We're old-school creators, using ancient versions of Photoshop & Illustrator CS (I was introduced to Photoshop 5.0 in 1999), along with real photos taken with an obsolete Galaxy s10, and props created by hand, from thrift stores, our backyard garden, and our own home decorations.


How can I contact you?

You may contact VHS by filling out the form on our "Contact" page, or by emailing us directly at: kchambers@vaalbarahistoricalsociety.org. Opening a phone book and shouting our name, however, is no longer a viable option for getting in touch with us.

Does the VHS have any events or meetings?

Not yet, but the goal of this Society is to share the truth with like-minded people and bring them together so they can make a difference in our future. In time, as the Society grows, we would very much like to make that a reality.

Is VHS Publishing able to print my book?

Unfortunately no. VHS Publishing is a namesake alerting our readers to the fact that no matter the title, the book they are reading is associated with Vaal'bara and the Society.

Are you able to share the location of Jack and Jill's house so we can do our own investigation, or maybe have a society event?

We do know the location, but I have spoken to the current land owner, and at least for the time being, they would like the actual address kept secret.

Sometimes I've seen you use "Vaal'bara" and other times you use "Vaalbara." Which one is it?

The continent of Vaal'bara does indeed have an apostrophe, and it is part of our namesake, but much like the "The" at the beginning of our Society's name, we often drop the apostrophe for simplicity's sake.


How would people survive so long ago without oxygen?

They most likely existed as we do now. Modern science assumes we are looking at a complete geological record. However, we have uncovered evidence that, multiple times in the distant past, there have been large Magical catastrophes, quite literally vanishing entire layers of the planet.


How do you pronounce the Droth'gon'ai names?

I believe they should be pronounced: Zor-thray-vuh-zerious, Yuh-ven-sule-zah-von, and Zay-eht-all-die-ren-eth, but that's going off of Laurence; I haven't experienced them first-hand.

Why does Wenton wear glasses?

I assume you're referring to Wenton in our present time. I would venture an educated guess and say that his glasses were necessary due to healing Magic restrictions, forcing him to refrain from attempting to correct his own failing eyes.


Why did the Xahl'thari create Weapons of Legend when they're not often hitting or chopping, and it seems like you can make anything you want into an Object of Power? Why not necklaces, or boots?

From what I know, they certainly could have. While I cannot say for sure, it seems an Object's purpose often drove its creator's imagination in regard to its form. Once crafted, an Object may go on to be used to for any number of tasks, but its original form likely hints as to its first purpose. Although, Boots of Ass-kicking sound pretty good!

Objects of power are made using pieces of a bunch of people's souls, right? Do they lose part of themselves, or can they like, feel the object?

I believe when you give up a part of your soul to create an Object, you can equate it to something like giving blood. You're gifting it to something else entirely. No one seems to believe they are getting permanently weaker during the process, though. However, the few times an Object has been created using a person's WHOLE soul, it has been met with far more trepidation!

Why does Mor'dresh appear able to cut through things like metal, but is stopped at other times by softer stuff, like Jack's floor.

Mor'dresh, without doubt, has the ability to cut through, or even pass through, anything it wants. It simply stops when it does because it desires to, in order to achieve the effect it intends.


I've heard of a [similar element] before in another [book/movie/story/etc]. Is this related to that?

Indirectly, perhaps. Although humanity has forgotten more than they can comprehend, it seems shadows of what was once reality tend to leak forward through our culture. Certain themes, names, concepts appear again and again, not because we have nothing new to write about, but because, in our hearts, in our souls, we can sense what has taken place long, long ago.


There are a few events, especially in the last part, that seem unlikely to have taken place (again) considering what else happened in other locations/times, or even at that precise moment. Do you have any insight on what might be responsible for that?

As you know, Magical and mundane timeline changes often end up affecting each other in minimal ways due to our separation and the hidden nature of the Magical world. That being said, with someone like Varek on the loose, both his dishonesty and dedication to his quest come into play. Who knows to what lengths he went? Some changes may have been intentionally counteracted by adjusting additional aspects, while in other cases we may not even be privy to an event's original state. It is often mind-boggling. In the end, Varek was right; time is not kind.


Are you [Viktor] related to Henry Strangways the pirate?

I wish I was related to a pirate. No, I am descended from immigrant parents, who's surname was hyphenated after marriage: Streich-Weisz (Polish and German). Say that with a thick accent, and you can imagine why it didn't hold up all too well on their way over to America.

What is Laurence's middle name?

We don't actually know, but at the Society, we say the P stood for "Pain in the ass."